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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  May 2, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a crash on lake shore drive by a wrong-way driver sends four people to the hospital. we'll hear from the man who rescued a woman from the chicago river overnight. and toronto mayor rob ford took a trip to chicago, reportedly for substance abuse treatment. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. hopefully we're going to have a nice weekend. >> nice is relative. hopefully we are looking for some sunshine. it has been raining all week. every day this week. cold yesterday high 49. we start to warm up but more showers coming into the day. we are expecting showers today. your
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hand is caught in my shop. >> is she using her hands again? it's only 4:00 a.m.. >> highs in the mid-50s. cooler than normal. 48 it the lakefront. 46 in joliet. these numbers are warmer than normal but if you look back to yesterday its the warmest that we've gotten. satellites composite shows cloud cover very little if any sunshine today. low pressure system that brought us rain over the previous five- six days has weakened and joined the way. expect slightly breezy conditions with our wind out of the west between 5-15. temperature of 55 degrees at 5:00 p.m.. 62 by 9:00 p.m.. temperatures are stuck in that cloud cover taking away that son. 56 degrees today afternoon scattered showers are possible.
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tamara's high is 65. saturday we reach 56. >> about when and mecham in terms of overviews on construction, this intersection work will go through july. not causing any big delays but as we get into the later hours, it will get hairy. eastbound 58 at algonkin down to a single lane in both directions. on top of that downtown today the ramp from the eyck to the kennedy is blocked until 6:00. vice versa on the eisenhower. watch for that detour for both of those. >>a wrong-way driver caused a crash on lake shore drive that critically injured four people. nancy loo is live at lake shore and monroe with more. >> behind me you can see emergency vehicles still on the
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closed part of which were dry. this is an investigation that could keep these north bound lanes closed for quite awhile. the severely damaged vehicles still on the scene make it clear how horrific this crash was between an suv and a taxi around 2:00 a.m.. the taxi appear to be heading north in the northbound lane just before the current and exit for walker. the suv hit it head on and does not have a rear license plate. according to a source. two passengers were in the cap one person went through the front windshield. emergency responders had to cut through the wreckage to get to him. all four people are hospitalized including the wrong way driver, the cab driver and the two passengers. the fire department says all are in critical condition. the crash
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investigation getting under way here is not clear how long this closure made last. back to you. >>a woman in her sixties or seventies was rescued from the chicago river overnight, after she reportedly tried to commit suicide. it happened just after one this morning, near franklin and wacker drive. a man who was leaving work from the sun-times spotted the woman bobbing in the water, and called police. rescue divers jumped in the river to save her, after she refused to catch the life-buoy. >> withdrew its out to her she made no attempt to get to it. thank god they came here i don't think she had much left in her. the fire department came and they grabbed her. it was scary. >> i swam out to her and made contact and the firemen insisted to pull her back in. >>the woman was brought back to shore safely, and was taken to the hospital.
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a sixth person has been charged in connection with the murder of a 14-year-old girl in the back of the yards neighborhood. endia martin was shot to death by another 14-year-old girl, after the two got into a fight over a boy. floyd evans is charged with passing off the weapon used in the shooting. police say robert james was the original owner of the gun, before he illegally sold it to evans. evans later gave it donnell flora. flora is charged with murder ... for giving the gun to his 14-year-old niece. a woman named vandetta redwood is also charged with *not stopping the fight, and lying to police. a 19-year-old man is in the hospital ... after he was shot along a safe passage route in englewood. it happened yesterday afternoon in the seven thousand block of south sangamon. that's along a safe passage route for wentworth elementary school, which is half of a mile from there. police say the victim was walking, when two men turned around and started shooting. police and c-p-s officials are looking into whether any safe passage workers were nearby at the time of the shooting. a few hours later, a 15-year-old
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girl and a 25-year-old man were shot near 125th place and south michigan. the girl was standing on a porch of a home when two men walked up and opened fire. the man was shot in the chest. both are in stable condition. police have released a sketch of the suspect who sexually assaulted a seven-year-old boy in the bathroom of a restaurant. police say a man fitting this description assaulted the boy when he went to the bathroom at the great buffet at western and cermak on saturday. investigators say the restaurant's surveillance cameras were not working. the suspect is decribed as having several tattoos on his arms -- including a knife, the spanish word "que," and a small animal. police say the man drove off in a small green vehicle. two boys are facing child pornography charges after they got caught sexting. the boys attend barrington middle school. both are with their families after they were arrested this week. they're accused of distributing sexually explicit photos and videos of fellow students. several students received the materials, which involved multiple victims. staff and parents are now turning this difficult situation into a teaching tool. >> technology move so quickly
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and they don't always think the consequences through. >> it's an eye opener for all us and i think it will spark conversation that may not have taken place. >> barrington police say they don't expect more students will be charged. the school district is planning events this month to help parents keep their children from sexting. we want to warn you this next video could be disturbing. it shows a police officer abusing his own police dog. this video from hammond was posted wednesday. you see this officer repeatedly hit the dog that he's handling. he then pulls the dog up by the leash and swings it around. all this happens in broad daylight, with traffic going by in the background. police officials say the officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation. a former police chief of country club hills is going to prison for stealing from a state grant. a federal judge sentenced regina evans to five years in prison. she pleaded guilty to 16 charges, including theft and laundering. she was accused of mis-using a state grant for helping women and minorities in the chicago area. but instead, she spent 917-
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thousand dollars on remodeling her house and going to las vegas. evans is now ordered to pay back the money. her husband and brother await sentencing after they also pleaded guilty. two schools here in illinois are among 55 colleges under investigation for their handling of sexual abuse complaints. the university of chicago and knox college are on a list released by the u-s department of education. schools risk losing federal funds if they mishandle complaints of sexual violence or harassment. a u-of-c student told the tribune that she reported being attacked by a fellow student, but instead of investigating, a dean held a mediation session between them. other schools under investigation include: michigan. indiana, and harvard. federal investigators in springfield are now looking into governor quinn's controversial anti-violence program. the 55-million-dollar initiative was launched during quinn's re-election campaign, four years ago. it was touted as a response to the violence in some of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. but it's been criticized as a slush fund, and a political
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show. quinn's office responds, "if there is an inquiry, we fully support it... we have zero tolerance for any mismanagement at any state agency." a preliminary report on the disappearance of the malaysian plane shows deep flaws. 90 minutes after the plane disappeared they were believing it was over vietnam when it had in fact turned over the indian ocean. they gave only projected flight pattern instead of real time. four hours was wasted before the search began. >>his lawyer would not say whether chicago was ford's final destination. ford admits he has a drinking problem... and a newspaper says he was caught on camera over the weekend, smoking crack cocaine again. ford has family ties here. his father founded "deco labels and tags" in suburban wood dale in 1962. and ford himself was its chief financial officer until 2010.
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mistakes are made in every business and that includes the media. sometimes details get mixed up or flat out wrong ... even if the subject of the story, me, works for the same company. this picture of me and our evening news anchor lourdes duarte was part of a tribune story about my new home. but the caption refered to lourdes as my wife, which last time i checked, isn't true ... the picture was eventually replaced with this one ... with my real wife and our real baby girl. >> he doesn't like to talk about his five wives. >> it's a little awkward. or married for about 20 minutes before they took that picture. >> i bet there was lots of makeup on to cover that slap marc. >> i don't think it went over well with her boyfriend. >> no hard feelings we are moving on. >> it ended and it was all her
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fault right? today 48 degrees downers grove reading of 47. st. mary's school currently reading in the mid '40's. sweden is at 43. these numbers are where they should be for this time of the day if now warmer. but we will warm up too much. yesterday's high was 49 and today we are a bit warmer high in the mid-50s. showers breaking off in the afternoon. not an all-day rain but that light rain will be around later today. today's high 56 we stay dry. sunday temperatures tumbledown to 56 showers developing in the day. a nice weekend but we're back to the wet stuff. >> coming up, dramatic new video of the entire st. collapsing in baltimore. >>plus -- police charge a minnesota teenager with planning to carry out a school massacre. we'll have details.
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and -- prince william and his newly-single brother, harry, w'g
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story out of south korea. two subway trains collided in seoul... and at least 70 people are injured. it appears, one train had stopped near a station in eastern seoul when the second train rear-ended it. we'll have more details as they become available. a 17-year-old is jailed in minnesota, and facing charges of plotting a deadly massacre
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at school. police in the town of waseka say john la due built six bombs, and had a cache of guns and ammunition at a storage facility. someone spotted him entering the facility, acting suspiciously. police were called, and they arrested la due, and recovered the weaponry. they say he admitted that he planned to kill his family... start a fire to distract the police... go to his local junior and senior high school... kill a school official... then kill as many others as he could, before *he was killed. instead, he'll face charges. >> screams that is amateur video showing the moment the ground gave way in baltimore md. on wednesday causing part of the city street to collapse. cars went down to the road tracks. no injuries were reported. people were forced to leave entry trouble was suspended.
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some restaurant customers were enjoying some barbecue.. when they just happened to see two princes. prince harry and prince william were spotted at charles vergo's rendezvous, a famous ribs restaurant in memphis last night. they're in town to serve as ushers in a friend's wedding tomorrow. word spread that they would be there, which caused a crowd to form outside. the princes may also check out graceland, but no public appearances are scheduled. we've got it all. bar-b-que, princes, cars falling on train tracks. what you have for weather? >> and taking the whole show off the track. it goes good and then here comes the cold water. right now we've wind of the west at 8 mi.. it's nice and breezy it will stay breezy today expect showers popping up this afternoon. were not done with that rain. potential for showers today. 46 in waukegan. donna lansing its 46. temperatures are
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going to start off on the mild side. typical temperatures would be in the low to mid-40s. later today we don't warmup much. 56 degrees from a high. cloud cover very little if any sunshine as a low pressure system moves to the east. we have been unsettled area of air over ross we will be stock under this layer of cloud cover through much of the day. showers will pop up today not a heavy rain and no thunderstorms in the forecast. saturday is nice. we try out you can go out to get your lawn work done. sunday we stay dry good chance of showers developing in the afternoon. enjoy today 56 degrees today. 45 for the low. saturday we make 65 breezy and dry. sunday that rain comes back 56 degrees. >> care is lakeshore drive where we had the accident from
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overnight wrong way driver. things are still blocked northbound all due to the earlier crash now an ongoing investigation. really sluggish traffic trying to get through. right now if you spot a construction also causing delays. west bound at o'hare the spot was early batcbacked up yesterday. as to get closer to 6:00 things will get back up there even though the construction is supposed to be wrapped up its seems like it has been lingering. that's the situation there we have a few other spots including detours with ramps from the right to the candy more information coming up. >> marcus is *live at the arlington race track. hi marcus! >> you have never looked better darling. >> take a look at this. it's 4:00 in the morning but not too early for these courses. i'm told we couple later than right
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now i'm sure they are happy that we are here. but we're happy because they keep telling us is the first day of summer. >> it's the first day of summer as far as i'm concerned. >> even though we are in our jackets. for 3:00 p.m. the horses are just getting ready to go what usually happens at this time? >> they get fed and groomed and walked. we open for training for a few hours. the will get their work out then they will get a good night bath and get put away before the races. they get treated better than we do. >> we have a trainer coming through in a few minutes to will tell us about these horses. some of these forces may be racing soon. of these all racing horses? >> and not necessarily today but over the next few weeks they will be racing. we're here in the summer through september. these guys will get their chance to strut their stuff. >> this is the stuff you don't get to see when you come to
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arlington. we will show you everything in the barn have to get everything ready for racing and what you can expect at derby day this saturday. we'll have racing pictures as well coming up later. >> coming up ... why every baby loves peek-a-boo. and next in sports -- the blackhawks aren't taking anything for granted as they prep for game one tonight.
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good morning. what a game seven for the minnesota while it. 4 times came from behind to tie and then took a colorado in overtime. less than 48 hours later they are in chicago for game 1. the blackhawks finally have some added to practice for which they did on thursday down one important skater. >> jonathan toews was under the weather but they say he will be fine for game 1. the loss in the playoffs last season to season the blackhawks are 2 and 3 against them in the regular campaign. these two teams are not strangers. >> they are a good team. different from what we saw last year they have improved a lot in their depth and their skills to their lineup. their balance in their team is across the board
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for lines and three lines can all score. i think there is a lot of respect. >> despite the regular season record they appear to have an edge. during the season but while the work 24th in leads. talks were second. a huge differential. no chance the blackhawks will underestimate any opponent. >> they are tough. they are well coached and disciplined and recently i noticed their speed. they have guys that can fly all over the i's. they play a fast game. >> they are a different team they have more honker. you tell they are an extremely dangerous hockey team and it seems like they never quit. they always come from behind and they find a way to come back. >> minnesota has some goalie issues become on a short
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turnaround but make no mistake, nothing ever seems to come easy in the nhl playoffs. game 1 is tonight. the cubs host the cardinals and the white sox play the indians in cleveland. back to you. >>stocks closed mixed thursday. the dow fell 21 points. the nasdaq gained 12. and the s-and-p was effectively flat. all babies like to play, but one game's popularity can be explained with science. researchers say young children like "peekaboo" so much, because it makes them feel like they're invisible. they say they believe children think you can't see them since they can't see you. there's also some nurturing uses for the game. experts say it helps babies handle anxiety when their mother leaves the room. they also say younger players expect you to be there when their eyes are revealed. they tend to smile less if you switch with someone else.
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>> this is cool but if you do that with a child and you leave the room they are devastated. don't try that with young children. that's from personal experience. >> to the same thing with the dog. >> let's move on. kids never stop playing this key point play that game. 400 times. here we go. 47 degrees is the current temperature peer's 54. chance of rain today good chance of showers later in the day. >> looking at what's happening on the roads. all lanes have reopened lake shore drive northbound where we had a serious accident involving the wrong way driver. travel times are picking up to 3 mi. per hour still some gaper delay is off to the shoulder but it's getting
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through at this point. that's the latest on the drive. outbound kennedy ohio offering closed until 5:00 a.m.. little bit of a slow pocket there. also the ramps from the kennedy to the site are blocked this morning. same from the eisenhower to the kennedy. doing work on the ramp as well should be picked up by 6:00. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour. a wrong way crash of lake shore drive. >> and -- amanda knox is convicted of murder again by an italian court. we'll have her reaction. >> at the clippers' owners controversy leads to the resignation of the naacp president. >> and dean reviews the new >> and dean reviews the new amazing spider-maoll, we say ♪
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♪ we want you to be okay ♪ enroll, we say ♪ take care people for goodness sake ♪
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the crash on light short drive by a wrong way driver sense for people to hospital. >> a sixth person charged in the shooting death of a teenager. >> helping our military servicemen and women. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. for the ring you whether. >> this is what spring is. i think people thought we would not have a normal spring after
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the winter but it is here. it's wet and it's not changing. this weekend we have one good day. and now its 47 at st. matthias school. lane tech high school and around the corner from lost its rating at 47. here are the other temperatures. we find 47 in morris morton grove in the 40's. satellites composite shows dry conditions. but the graves will be with us through the day. not much sunshine today. very little if any sunshine showers will develop again in the afternoon. typical high is 66 we will only be at 56. tonight we dropped down again. get outside tomorrow 65. someday we may 66 of breezy monday 59. >> a quick look at what's happening on lake shore drive. everything has opened again
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after a wrong way driver caused a serious accident at randolph. you can see times are starting to recover looking at the issues outbound kennedy at ohio the off ramp is closed until 5:00 a.m. for construction. both the ramp from the eisenhower to the kennedy and back to the eisenhower both blocked with detours through the area. west bound at o'hare the stretch has been so problematic in terms of congestion. looks like it's ok no big volume out there. elaine will be blocked until 6:00. yesterday it lingered quite a bit longer. we will see what it does today. traffic is moving slowly not as congested as the early morning hours on thursday. keeping our tabs on that and the rest of your traffic hotspots another report coming up. >>a wrong-way driver caused a
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crash on lake shore drive that critically injured four people. nancy loo is live at lake shore and monroe with more. >> good morning. as we heard, the northbound lanes have just reopened on lake shore drive. the two vehicles involved in this crash were just toad away a few minutes ago. police wrapped up the investigation they have concluded a wrong way driver is to blame. the head on crash between an suv and a taxi happened just before 2:00 a.m. on the northbound lanes of lakeshore just north of monroe. the taxi was heading north in the northbound lanes when it was hit head-on by a subaru suv that did not appear to have a license plate. according to a source, two passengers were in the cab and the crash sent one person through the front windshield and emergency responders have to cut
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through the wreckage to free him. all four people involved are hospitalized including the wrong way driver the cab driver and the two passengers. the fire department says all were transferred in critical condition. the northbound lanes just reopened here on lake shore drive. no word yet on possible charges against that suv driver. back to you. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a woman in her sixties or seventies was rescued from the chicago river overnight, after she reportedly tried to commit suicide. it happened just after one this morning, near franklin and wacker drive. a man who was leaving work from the sun-times spotted the woman bobbing in the water, and called police. rescue divers jumped in the river to save her. the woman was brought back to shore safely, and was taken to the hospital. a sixth person has been charged in connection with the murder of a 14-year-old girl in the back of the yards neighborhood. endia martin was shot to death by another 14-year-old girl, after the two got into a fight over a boy. floyd evans is charged with
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passing off the weapon used in the shooting. police say robert james was the original owner of the gun, before he illegally sold it to evans. evans later gave it donnell flora. flora is charged with murder ... for giving the gun to his 14- year-old niece. a woman named vandetta redwood is also charged with *not stopping the fight, and lying to police. police have released *this sketch of a man who sexually assaulted a seven-year-old boy in the bathroom of the great buffet at western and cermak on saturday. the suspect is described as having several tattoos on his arms -- including a knife, the spanish word "que," and a small animal. police say the man drove off in a small green vehicle. this video may be disturbing to some. it shows a hammond police officer abusing a police dog. you see the officer hitting the dog and hanging it by its leash. this was posted on you-tube on wednesday. the hammond police department says the officer is on leave pending an investigation. the racist comments by los angeles clippers owner donald sterling is not only shaking up the n-b-a, but the "n-double-a- c-p" too.
4:36 am
leon jenkins is resigning as president of the "n-double-a-c- p's" los angeles chapter. the group honored sterling with a lifetime achievement award in 2009. it was about to honor sterling again, until he was heard making racist comments on a recorded conversation. the "n-double-a-c-p" says it's developing new guidelines for the award selection process. ten n-b-a team owners discussed sterling's future with the league. the n-b-a owners' advisor and finance committee had a conference call about what to do next. league commissioner adam silver says he wants the owners to vote to force sterling to sell the team. right now a date for such a vote was not released. if 75 percent of the owners vote sterling out.. he could either sell the team or fight the n-b-a in court. amanda knox is speaking out, about her conviction, exoneration, and subsequent conviction, for murdering her roommate in italy, seven years ago. andrew spender reports, knox sat down for an interview with c-n- n. >> i did not kill my friend. i did not wield a knife. i had no
4:37 am
reason to. >> fighting the murder charge for seven years. >> my entire adult life has been weighed down and taken over by this tremendous mess. >> a court in italy convicted her and her then boyfriend in 2009 of murdering her roommate. another court overturned the conviction into a dozen 11. she was freed and returned home in seattle. but earlier this year an appeals court again convicted them of murder in part due to the testimony of one man. >> it is incredibly disturbing when he was found to be unreliable when he was found to be certainly the rapist and keller that they would consider his testimony over mine.
4:38 am
>> she says lack of reliable forensic evidence proves her innocence. >> if i were there i would had traces of her broken by the on me. i would have left traces of myself around her corpse. >> if the conviction is confirmed by the high court in italy she could face extradition. >> a diary is surfacing... a narrative written by former chicago city comptroller amer ahmad, while he was on the run in mexico and pakistan. the sun-times reports, it has a copy. ahmad reportedly writes about using a fake mexican passport, a forged visa, and a lot of money to flee to pakistan on april 22nd. he was caught five days ago. ahmad pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks when he was ohio's deputy state treasurer. he faces up to 15 years in prison... plus whatever sentence he gets for fleeing the country.
4:39 am
gary sinise and the lieutenant dan band are firing up their annual fundraiser to support u- s service members and families. w-g-n's julian crews has more from westmont... on the preparations for the "rockin for the troops" event. stocks closed mixed thursday. the war is winding down the we'll have residual effects for many many years. >> the ninth annual rabin for the troops is scheduled. money will go to operations to support our troops. >> good morning. we are looking at showers a continuing across the area. it's 47 degrees right now. wind of the west at 8 mi.. it will be a bit breezy today more rain coming our way. we've had rain for six days in a row. that low pressure system has moved off. it's 48 at the lakefront. donna bartlett we are
4:40 am
reading at 46. temperatures are warmer than normal early today but that changes since we don't warm up much in terms of sunshine. rain exiting portions of northwest indiana moving towards dry conditions today but the rain comes back into the afternoon. we're sitting under an area of unstable air and that means we will have the potential for cloud cover. as we get some sunshine and warmth today we have potential for grain. after lunch that's possible. typical high today 66 we're 10 degrees cooler than normal. breezy but saturday 65 degrees. into sunday more rain high 56. >> still had lied at arlington park with a preview of derby day. >> and a kentucky derby favorite is out. and dozens of students are arrested after a senior prank goes too far. >> and robin ford apparently took a trip to chicago for
4:41 am
substance abuse treatment. all d
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for after a possible explosion ripped through the county jail in florida. two inmates died 150
4:44 am
others injured apparent natural gas explosion hit the escambia county complex. some 600-inmates were housed at the jail. the sheriff says the building will likely be declared a total loss. parts of the jail became flooded, because of all the rain in the area... but it's not known if the water damage contributed to the explosion. another 'may day' celebration turned violent in seattle. groups of demonstrators were seen pushing and shoving with police on seattle's capitol hill. some of the protesters wore masks as they threw things at the officers. there were also posters promising violence, spray painted threats and a police effigy that was set on fire. all this came after thousands of marchers held a peaceful walk for international workers day. this local "may day" march was way more peaceful. hundreds of people marched in the rain and had a rally in front of immigration offices in the south loop. the protesters want the president to stop deporting illegal immigrants and provide more funding for programs that promote citizenship.
4:45 am
here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... the embattled mayor of toronto may spend time in chicago -- and perhaps get substance abuse treatment here. a day after mayor rob ford announced he was taking a leave from his campaign, he took a flight to chicago yesterday. his lawyer would not say whether chicago was ford's final destination. ford admits he has a drinking problem... and a newspaper says he was caught on camera over the weekend, smoking crack cocaine again. one of the favorites in tomorrow's kentucky derby is now *out of the race. *hoppertunity won't run because of a foot injury. the odds of it winning the derby *were "six to one." the trainer says the injury is minor, and he expects the horse to be ready for the preakness on may 17-th. 62 high school students in new jersey were arrested for trashing their own school. it was supposed to be just a senior prank. but police say it went too far since the students broke into the school at 2 a-m. they then urinated in the halls, greased doorknobs with petroleum jelly, and taped hot dogs to lockers.
4:46 am
this sounds like a good time. desks were flipped over, chairs were broken, and graffiti was on the walls. 38 juveniles and 24 "18-year olds" were all arrested. many were arraigned wearing their high school sweatshirts. what happened just throwing are on the toilet paper? >> eggs were a better option. >> you would rather have the eggs? >> you were a bad guy. we saw you pitch. >> if you give me an egg i can trip through it to the window from 300 yds. >> i smell a feature coming on. >> and redefined some windows of this week. 44 degrees right now. it's 44 in carol stream. plainfield is at 44. 46 in wadsworth. here we are at 46. these numbers are warmer than normal of cloud cover today we don't warmouth much. another chilly day highs only in the '50s. cloud cover around the
4:47 am
region early. more showers coming as a weak system moves back into the region. this will bring us the potential for showers into the afternoon. mid- 50s by 5:00 p.m.. the seven days forecast shows we are dry. sunday we are at 56 degrees. >> a few crashes we are watching. evergreen park roll over accident at western and 89. a serious crash with emergency crews just rolling up on that scene. in bensenville, a foundeaccident fully active keeg tabs on each kitchen of state with construction let's bring out there will get those details in a few minutes. >> >> live at the racetrack this morning. >> here at one of the barnes big opening weekend all the racing
4:48 am
is starting today. one of the trainers here has about six horses. >> many more to come. >> does he like you or what? i see he's coming out here. >> he likes my mint. he likes them. >> of all the courses you tell me we had to talk about that. >> he has run three times on the surface he is born to run on the 24 hear he's a three-year-old it's a wonder $50,000 race. >> has the run before that will he run before that? how many times to the race in the season? >> he will run three-four times. >> just getting him ready up to that point, i know the horse, but of a doing a daily basis? >> today is his friday he will go out and go faster on the racetrack than normal. normally we go out and gallop around. he's a little feisty. he is a dynamo.
4:49 am
>> walked down here. you have been here at arlington you're telling me for almost eight years? >> it's my eighth year. >> opening weekend. what is opening weekend like for you guys as trainers is the excitement level high? >> happy to get back to racing. i just came in from lexington we have not raised in a week or had any live action. >> who is this? >> this is so easy. he won his last race he will run here thursday. >> was with the peppermint? >> i don't know it's like me i love sugar. the low sugar also. >> 30 seconds left the kentucky derby saturday. who should i bet on? >> i think california chrome is the best spirit his rigid strong. >> i always thought i'd bet on him. the bet on the favorite?
4:50 am
what about him? >> he can lay off the pace and he has dominated all courses he has run against his last few races. >> we will find out on saturday you come here saturday to derby day big event big party told dollars for adults. $2 for kids you can watch all the horses here. much more coming up. his current put me in the barn to clean up the stalls. >> about time he did some work. >> coming up dean reviews the amazing spider-man to. >> and we hear in never released song from michael jackson's new song from michael jackson's new album.
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the summer movie season has started early with the amazing captain america...and continues this weekend with the "not so" amazing spider-man. here are the friday dean's list reviews. and that is a big plate right there. dean says it's not bad but nothing special to go along
4:54 am
with nothing special in the special effects. he says there's not a single moment that is surprising in the whole movie. he gives it a sea. >> usher debuted a new michael jackson song called love never felt so good. take a listen. >> music and sounds a little bit like that song pretty young thing. the song was written in 1983 by michael jackson and paul anke. it will be featured in the new album set to be released may 15th. >> it is crazy they're still songs left. >> let's take a look at our day. i think you're a single singing a different song >> did you tell the producer to
4:55 am
play that? i did they are pretty similar. >> no one listens to the boss around here. michael jackson wants the story told correctly. here's the song i was talking about. >> and traffic is looking good everything has been opened again. we have some construction in the next hit. he stole all my time. >> i stand corrected it does sound like the song you're talking about. >> coming up live at the scene of the wrong way crash on the drive. >> and introducing it to a local girl who is a rap sensation that's coming up. today is national baby day we brought some pictures of ourselves. that's me as a baby. >> you could still put your fingers in your mouth like that. >> i don't have a baby picture.
4:56 am
>> look at that one. look at little demetrius. >> you look like you're crying. >> there is baby markets. >> look at those guys. >> look at those guys. >>
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
i wouldn't use this one... he helps me with my decision-making. ever. daughter: and he's even teaching me how to drive. [car alarm] and that's why cars have bumpers. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care will take you just as you are.
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